Einheit News


As we informed recently already, Einheit based Czech death metal commando HYPNOS will hit the European stages soon to start new gigging season. Main part of these shows are part of the “Death from the East tour 2019” with Ukrainian bands FLESHGORE, ETSYKH and REVOLT.


SAXORIOR were founded back in 1994 and through numerous live shows & festivals as well as seven albums, an EP & a compilation the band became a constant in the Metal scene.


Ahnengrab was founded Spring 2006 by Tibor C., Christoph H., Schoof and Christoph L. in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. The Black / Pagan Metal group formed at a young age and immediately started writing their own material. The band went through a short series of changes before they began playing shows in the area of Berlin and Brandenburg in Germany. The band, now also featuring Tom W. und Johannes T., was signed early on thanks to the successes of their first shows. Songwriting came easy, and a Record release party was thrown September 13th, 2008 at the 2nd Wolfszeit Festival.


On their new album "Als das Licht verging" (When the light went down) Ahnenkult deals with the astrological side of Norse-germanic mythology and sets this to music. The new album represents the etymological connections between the universe and its interpretation through mythology. Furthermore it expounds its own personal interpretation. Also many well-known interpretations are reinterpreted. In this cosmic structure the sun, this the god Baldur, is considered as the center of the great whole and the origin of all being. Ahnenkult thus represent the norse mythology in a new guise.