Sorg, the Mozart of black metal, declares the Renaissance of SorgSvart. Introducing this second Era under the red and black banner, with his longing cry for liberty through the revolting hymn of K.U.K! Norsk AnArkistisk Svart Metall. The new digital single K.U.K. (Out 25.08. on all digital platforms!)


Before the Saxon Epic Pagan Black Metal band SAXORIOR will celebrate its 30th band anniversary next year along with their new album „Ewighaid“ & a few festival appearances, they will release the „Die Heimat brennt“ 10″ Mini LP on October 10th 2023, limited to 333 copies. This release will be promoted by a string of club shows.


After three demos and a split-release, Kiel-based Black Metal band Skardus releases its debut album "Stormriek". Lyrically, the album deals with the myths and legends from the land between the North and Baltic Seas. Fast Black Metal meets old school Death Metal and Heavy Metal riffing as well as acoustic guitars. Fitting to the background stories, the lyrics are written in High German, Low German and Frisian.