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On „Wielandstahl“ Surturs Lohe present nine songs, that could not be more epic and primeval. This is old school Thuringian Pagan Metal. High velocity riffing is contrasted with mighty choirs... Read more
Czech death metal commando HYPNOS reveals the front cover and tracklist of their upcoming album. Follower of last work “The Whitecrow”, entitled “The Blackcrow”, was recorded in Czech ŠOPA... Read more
Everyone agrees, Arcana XXII was not just another metal band. They were musicians writing highly original material and performing in a country where the odds were firmly against this style of... Read more

About Einheit Produktionen

Due to the love for our motherland and nature we are especially dedicated to pagan, heathen, viking, celtic, folk, black and dark metal, while at the same time being open for other genres of metal. The label name EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN was taken from a local German Sportsclub "SV Einheit Drebkau", who we want to thank for their permission.

"EINHEIT" means unity and symbolises the unity of metalheads worldwide, as it was a couple of years ago, when every metal-freak respected the other's favourite genre. A time when everybody had fun and we partied hard because of this.The label logo is not intended to position us in any kind of political direction. Quite the contrary, it's supposed to make people think and it is simply designed in a very heavy way.


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