Winter is close at hand … as an indispensable, all-consuming and regenerative power it is the time of ghosts, the time of old deities. Frost holds insight, elementary power and wisdom, a longing for eternity. Winter is death and from this new life emerges in the eternal cycle of nature.


On „Wielandstahl“ Surturs Lohe present nine songs, that could not be more epic and primeval. This is old school Thuringian Pagan Metal. High velocity riffing is contrasted with mighty choirs and folky use of the flute embellishes acoustic guitar arrangements, reminiscent of early works of Ulver.


Czech death metal commando HYPNOS reveals the front cover and tracklist of their upcoming album. Follower of last work “The Whitecrow”, entitled “The Blackcrow”, was recorded in Czech ŠOPA STUDIO with sound engineer Stanislav Valášek (Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, Malignant Tumour, Dying Passion).