Saxorior: New album and live shows 2019


Saxorior: new album out in autumn and extensive 25 years of Saxon Warriors live shows 2019!

SAXORIOR were founded back in 1994 and through numerous live shows & festivals as well as seven albums, an EP & a compilation the band became a constant in the Metal scene.

After the successful „Saksen“ album in 2015 at present the band puts the finishing touches to their eighth opus „Hem“ (old Saxon for homeland). The initial ideas for the album came about by mid 2017 resulting in demos in late 2018. The album´s music came out heavier than its predecessor while the lyrics deal with the topic of the „Sächsische Schweiz“ (Saxon Switzerland), its formation, the Hussite wars and several old legends.

„Hem“ will be released 27.09.2019 again on Einheit Produktionen, accompanying the band's 25th anniversary and promoted by many live performances in Germany.

16.03.2019 Meissen, Hellfest
18.04.2019 Bischofswerda, East Club
21.04.2019 Orla (WOTUFA), Death Rages On
20.06.2019 Gardelegen, Metal Frenzy Open Air
28.06.2019 Berka, Schwarzburger Metalwiese Open Air
24.08.2019 Annaberg-Buchholz, Tanks MC
04.10.2019 Dresden, Skullcrusher "Metal festival for children suffering from cancer"
12.10.2019 Cottbus, Muggefugg
06.12.2019 Berlin, Blackland

„ the battle will go on. “