AhnenkultIn 2010 Ahnenkult was formed in Freiburg by Lupus and P. The same year the demo-tape "Kult" was released through Lupus Tonkunst. It was followed by the EPs "Allmacht" and "Götterkult" in 2014 and 2015. Works for the following album "Als das Licht verging" began in 2012 and were completed this year. The songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at "Nahetal Klangschmiede"-studios. P. left the band in 2016 due to personal reasons; he was replaced by Khamûl, who also plays parts in Carn Dûm and Pestkult and does the main vocals on the album "Als das Licht verging".

2010 - Kult / Tape Version
2013 - Allmacht
2014 - Götterkult
2017 - Weltenkraft Compilation (Allmacht & Götterkult)
2018 - Als das Licht verging, Digi-CD

Lupus (Guitars, Bass, Clean Vocals)
Khamûl (Vocals)