OdroerirODROERIR, hailing from Thuringia (Germany), belong to the spearhead of German Folk and Pagan Metal. With their three long players the band has achieved the reputation of an authentic and thoughtful band, also being a convincing live act. On their new album „Das Erbe unserer Ahnen“ they partially tread new paths ...

Founded in 1998, the band´s first demo „Iring“ was released in 2000, followed by the debut album „Lasst euch sagen aus alten Tagen“ released in 2002 by Ars Metalli. Lyrically this album mainly covered pre and early history of Thuringia.

Since 2005 ODROERIR have released two more album on Einheit Produktionen, two parts of the musical setting of the Edda, entitled „Götterlieder I“ and „Götterlieder II“.

Surprisingly it is not „Götterlieder III“, that will come out in Summer 2017, but a purely instrumental folk and acoustic album, which Fix has produced as a solo effort featuring numerous guest musicians.

ODROERIR not only toured with Eluveitie but shared the stage with Tyr, Black Messiah, Suidakra, XIV Dark Centuries, Gernotshagen, Fimbulvet and Finsterforst. Not to mention countless club shows and festival performances.

From the onset ODROERIR´s music was planned as a quieter variation of “so-called” Pagan Metal. The arrangements function without high speed attacks or double kick drumming, they rather contain many acoustic guitars and multi-facetted vocal passages. A major influence on band founder and composer Fix were Bathory´s viking albums. However ODROERIR go one big step further by employing several bowed, plucked or wind instruments known from folk music. In his lyrical work Fix covers an array of German and / or Celtic mythology, early and pre history of pagan Europe – life, growth and death of our predecessors. He avoids the often politically or esoterically charged phrases of other genre bands and turns to new interpretations of ancient sagas and myths as well as poetic treatments of real historic incidents.

This is how exciting musical history lessons can be !

2000 - Iring (Demo)
2002 - Lasst euch sagen aus alten Tagen (Ars Metalli)
2004 - 7" EP
2005 - Götterlieder I (Einheit Produktionen)
2010 - Götterlieder II (Einheit Produktionen)
2017 - Das Erbe unserer Ahnen (Einheit Produktionen)