NivlhelOn one specific hill it all began. The tape recorder containing atmospheric streams of black metal in itĺs true form in the combination of a majestic nature was the final inspiration to the creation of the demo öUr Vrede F÷ddö which was presented to the underground scene in 2013. And so, when jaws of Fenris grind through the flesh of the false and J÷rmungandr poison the dark sky, the new alliance between Nivlhel and Einheit Produktionen is a fact. An album release is set to May 30th of 2014 and todays rotten and blindfolded society will meet it's true enemy.

2013 - Ur vrede f÷dd (Digital Demo)
2014 - Nivlhel
2015 - Ur vrede f÷dd (10ô Vinyl MLP)