Ahnenkult - Als das Licht verging Digi-CD

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AHNENKULT were founded 2010 in Freiburg (Germany). Their the demo tape `Kult` was released the same year. Two EPs `Allmacht` and `Götterkult` followed in the years 2014 and 2015 respectively. The production for the upcoming album `Als das Licht verging` already commenced 2012 and was finally wrapped up by mid 2017. The songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at Nahetal Klangschmiede studio. AHNENKULT addressed the astrological side of Norse and Germanic mythology on `Als das Licht verging`, transforming it in to music. The new album presents the etymological relations within the universe and its interpretation by mythology and also showing a personal rendition. Many well-known expositions are interpreted in a new way. In this cosmic structure the sun, and thus the God Baldur, is considered to be the center of the universe, the origin of all life. AHNENKULT show Norse mythology in a new light. Press Quotes #### `With this, the band achieves on their debut, what most cannot realize in their entire career. I take my hat off with the utmost respect.` (Felix Patzig) 9/10 points DEAF FOREVER #### `In the truest sense of the word `Als das Licht verging` exactly cultivates this special, fantastic, captivating kind of Pagan Black Metal, which forcefully, atmospherically clear and fervently anthemic rises to be its very own class.` (Markus Eck) SONIC SEDUCER #### `AHNENKULT worship the ancient values and deliver German Pagan Black Metal in its purest distillation. Still `Als das Licht verging` is no revenant, but rather an interesting variation of classic motives.` (Stefan A. Wolfsbrunn) METAL.DE #### `AHNENKULT score with variability, because with their vocals and the musical tempos, the band employs the entire spectrum. No matter if its barbed vocals, heroic tenors or simply silent whispering, the duet uses everything in their slightly solemn compositions, which offer everything between lush guitars and Black Metal eruptions.` (Leo) NOCTURNAL HALL.