XIV Dark Centuries: new album coming in February

XIV Dark CenturiesXIV Dark Centuries will release their new album „Waldvolk“ on February 28th 2020. This musical opus, connected to the deep forests of Thuringia, features seven new tracks as well as three already known songs, redone in a new sound design. After more than 20 years XIV Dark Centuries, one of Germany´s first Pagan Metal bands, remain true to themselves and their fans with their style. The focus is on melodic guitars, massive drums, an unmistakable voice and polished arrangements.

„Waldvolk“ will made available as Digi-Pack CD, hand-numbered vinyl and as download. In addition there will be a limited edition of the CD in a special wooden box with a few extras.

01 Heimwaerts
02 Skogafulka
03 Svava
04 Firratan
05 Atme den Wald
06 Ich bin das Feuer
07 Sunna
08 Julenzeit
09 Runibergun
10 Bragarful
11 Nott