Firn – Frostwärts Digisleeve-CD

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RELEASE / OUT: 02/25/2022 ++++ Fresh snow on old paths - that's how succinctly Horda Wolf's winter solo project, which has been planned for a long time, can be described. Through his constant work at Waldtraene and well-known for three years on the bass at Odroerir, he unleashes a mighty winter storm with firn, which brings the genre of German-speaking Pagan Metal, which has become tired in many places, a giant step forward again. The conceptual inspiration for the debut album "Frostwärts", which will undoubtedly give the pagan folk and metal scene a fresh impetus, arose from his native, resin-connected soul, his own pagan spirituality as well as shamanism and animistic worldview. Back to the roots, back to depth and seriousness - this has long been wished for in the drunken scene, and Firn is guaranteed to make a not inconsiderable contribution to this with its majestic hymns and sounds performed in mid-tempo! (Adam / shadow paths) ++++ MUSICIANS - VOICES ++++ "The mixture of hard black metal riffs, pagan-folk instrumental parts and catchy melodies give" Frostwärts "by Firn a special character that is serious, aggressive but at the same time playful and varied. Bomb album!" (Zagan / Black Messiah) ++++ "The balancing act between Pagan and Black Metal is a good success. From harsh passages with poisonous screeching vocals to very folky elements. Something of everything, well and diversely linked." (Matze / Thrundvangar).