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VÖ / OUT: 04.10.2019 #### SAXORIOR were founded as early as 1994. With numerous live shows and festival performances as well as their seven albums, an EP and a contribution to a compilation under their belt, the band has developed into a force to be reckoned with in the Metal scene. After the success the `Saksen` album in 2015, now their eighth opus `Hem` (old Saxon German for `homeland`) will be released. Musically it came out a bit more brutal than its predecessor, lyrically it deals with the `Sächsische Schweiz` (Saxon Switzerland) and its formation, the Hussite wars and several old legends. Among others Robse from EQUILIBRIUM and MINAS MORGUL contributed as a guest. Again released on Einheit Produktionen, `Hem` will be available September 27th 2019, commemorating the band´s 25th anniversary. ++++ Press Quotes ++++ LEGACY: `Epic Pagan Metal with the necessary brutality and free from any kitsch is offered here (...) anybody into Pagan Metal should have `Hem` on their shopping list.` 13/15 Points (Olaf Brinkmann) ++++ METAL.DE: `SAXORIOR stand for the old school of German Black Metal and on `Hem` they impressively demonstrate that they are indeed no greenhorns anymore. With its detailed design and high quality every second of this album breathes the passion of these experienced musicians` (Stefan A. Wolfsbrunn) ++++ SONIC SEDUCER: `SAXORIOR triumphantly stay true to epic uplifting battle hymns and forge with relentless glowing hearts: ´Hem´ is unique, melodic and elemental black steel with a legendary teutonic soul.` (Markus Eck) ++++ WALDHALLA: `...the good rustic finery has been renewed and a new fresh veneer has been added. With `Hem` the band arises in the rising sun even more glamorously !` (Adam Bilke) ++++ VAMPSTER: `On `Hem` SAXORIOR prove how Saxony becomes the home of Pagan Metal anthems` (Arlette Huguenin-Dumittan) ++++ STORMBRINGER: ` In a word: `Hem` is a well-executed ode to their homeland and an essential must-have for every connoisseur of authentic Black Metal with a mythologic cultural note .` (Pascal Staub) ++++ AMBOSS: `In their 25th year of existence SAXORIOR again present a new album, which blows me away with its epic character and atmosphere - just like its predecessor `Saksen` did. Another great and diverse album from the German Pagan Metallers.` (Eller) ++++ TOTENTANZ: ` Many tasty ingredients can be found in SAXORIOR´s latest stew. Ranging from raging Black Metal to melancholic melodic parts and even folkloristic sounds the East Germans spice up a delicate soup! That´s how you approach a 25th anniversary with power !` (Arno Bretträger).