Horizon Ablaze - Dødsverk Digi-CD

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HORIZON ABLAZE – the Extreme Metal metal band from Norway – has signed a multi album contract with Aural Music imprint Code666. Horizon Ablaze second album titled “Dødsverk”, due for release in late February 2014, is a Nihilistic Apocalypse of Molten Extreme Metal. Hailing from Kristiansand, Norway, HORIZON ABLAZE consist of: # Andrè Kvebek (ex-1349, pantheon-i, den saakaldte) – Vocals # Shandy McKay (ex-absu, Pantheon-i) – Guitars # Ole Bent Madsen (blood red throne) – Bass # Stian Ruethemann, Guitars and Vocals # Kevin Vvåle, Drums.