Arkona - Noch Velesova Digi-DVD

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Panel Digipack, PAL All Regions, 4:3 Color, 5.1 DD, ca. 152 Min. Live Concert Moscow 31.10.2007 Tochka Club feat. Many guests with traditional instruments and Russian Folklore Choir + 2 Video Clips, Interview. Pagan Metal legend Arkona presents their dedicated following with the eagerly awaited live DVD "Noch Velesova" ("Night of Veles"). The highlight of this release is the band's Moscow performance, where they performed a stunning selection of songs from their voluminous discography. The DVD also includes two videoclips, as well as an in-depth interview with frontlady and mastermind Masha Scream. 01. Pokrovy Nebesnogo Startsa - (Shrouds of Celestial Sage) 02. Slava Kupala!!! 03. Ot Serdca k Nebu- (From Heart to the Skies) 04. Tuman Jarom 05. Oh, Pechal’-Toska (Oh, My Sorrow, My Anguish) 06. Strela (The Arrow) 07. Gutsulka 08. Slavsia, Rus’! (Long live Rus’!) 09. Kupala and Kostroma 10. Sva 11. Katitsia Kolo (Kolo Rolls) 12. Speech of Volhv Veleslav 13. Kolomiyka 14. Skvoz’ Tuman Vekov (Through the fog of Ages) 15. Po siroy zemle (On the natural ground) 16. Vosstanie Roda (Uprising of Rod) 17. Gnev Vremen (Anger of the Ages) 18. Rus’ Iznachal’naya (Ancient Rus') 19. Sotkany Veka (Woven Ages) 20. Chiorniye Debri Voiny (The Black thickets Of War) 21. Marena 22. Zov Prekov (Call of Ancestors) 23. Sword Fights 24. Kolyada 25. Chiornye Vorony (Black Ravens) 26. Po zverinim tropam (On animal Path) 27. Maslenitsa 28. Viydu ya na voliushku (As I Come To Free Lands) 29. Rus 30. Oj, To Ne Vecher...