Nine Treasures - Awakening from Dukkha Digi-CD

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VÖ/ OUT 24.09.2021 #### Five young musicians, originally descending from the remote Hulunbuir steppe of Northern Chinese inner Mongolia, started playing together in late 2010 in Beijing. Their unique Mongolian Folk Metal quickly gained public attention with festival performances in the autumn of 2011 in Beijing, laying the foundation for their progress. In 2013 Nine Treasures participated in the WOA Metal Battle as the Chinese winner and won the second place at the international finale of the Wacken Open Air metal battle competing with other contestants from 28 other countries. Being part of the festival was an unforgettable experience and the filming of “Wacken 3D Der Film” with director Uli Gaulke broadened their horizons, encouraging them to firmly believe in themselves. Nine Treasures head into 2021 armed with a new ‘Best Of’ album titled Awakening from Dukkha that collects songs from their three studio LPs 2012’s Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor, 2013’s Nine Treasures and 2017’s Wisdom Eyes). A celebration of the past it may be, but for Askhan and his bandmates, this decade-spanning collection is as much a rebirth for Nine Treasures as it is an acknowledgment of their achievements to date. ++++ “We re-recorded and remastered everything, and added ton of details to make those songs as great as possible. Our fans deserve to hear us at our best, which is why we were so motivated to make this album. Now we’ve done that, we just want to keep Nine Treasures going as long as possible, make music that we’re proud of and spread a little positivity… and tour the world again!” ++++ Press Quotes ++++ „ As one of only a few Chinese bands the Mongolian Folk metalheads dare to take their way to Europe with the ambitious goal to undertake a headlining tour of their own. ... In terms of musicality they definitely have what it takes to compete internationally and also live the five-piece Mongolian horde takes no prisoners.“ (Rock Hard) ++++ “Every now and then, we find a metal band from another corner of the world that blow our minds. Right now, that band is Nine Treasures” (Metal Hammer UK) ++++ „Nine Treasures the group behind frontman Askhan hailing from inner Mongolia unifies hardcore sound with Mongolian melodies and throaty steppe vocals, a very special Chinese version of Folk Metal.“ (Spiegel Online).