Cosmic Vision - In the Sign of Nature Digi-CD

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Cosmic Vision is a one-man melodic Death Metal / Atmospheric Black Metal band from Brandenburg, Germany formed in 2018 by Jannes Felsner. The music is strongly inspired by the local nature, and so are the lyrical themes which are either storytelling-focused or of personal matter. Despite every song on `In The Sign Of Nature` is standing for its own, they are all in some way connected to the overall concept of the album: To depict forms of codependency between the forces of nature, living beings and/or the self. This concept manifests itself in the music: Every song aims to create an atmosphere without neglecting variety in the composition of the song structures and the melodic elements. The result is a versatile melodic death metal album with influences from acoustic music, prog and black metal which has to offer many different soundscapes and a continuous interplay between epic and delicate melodies as well as harsh and quiet parts. + + + + Lim. to 200 copies!