Viter / Kings & Beggars "Diva Ruzha" - Split Digi-CD

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DIVA RUZHA is a joint project of VITER and the Ukrainian ensemble of medieval music KINGS & BEGGARS. All songs from this album are traditional at their core, but the groups presented their own view. The songs are performed in 4 languages: Ukrainian, Swedish, Latvian, and Old French. Music for "Migla, Migla, Rasa, Rasa" is composed by SKYFORGER, the lyrics are traditional. DIVA RUZHA project became an attempt to unite Carpathian folk with Swedish traditional melodic patterns, and perform European folk music using medieval instruments with appropriate arrangement, and, finally, present unexpected perception of all these compositions. The record session for the album has taken place in three studios during the autumn 2010 - the winter 2011. 35 different folk instruments have been recorded alive without using any synthesizers or samples at all! VITER has also used the unique instruments hand-crafted with their own hands - the trembitas (Guzul pipes) made of cow parsnip of the length up to 3 meters, but three times wider than the ordinary trembitas.