Vietah - Zorny Maroz CD

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Beschreibung = Vietah is the project of one man Antarctis and the black metal of this multi instrumentalist is depressive, ambient and atmospheric. The principal influence of this album « Zorny Maroz » is Burzum… it is so flagrant … the lyrics are in the author’s tongue but they have been translated in English in the booklet. Personally I find the tracks too much monotonous, always on the same rhythmic, the sound of the guitars is always the same, the melodies are much alike and the vocals are not varied neither. The keyboards melodies are very little varied. The tracks are cold with a saturated guitar, and they deal with nature, dark and grey country sides inspired by solitude. It is not an album that I have really appreciated even if some passages are beautiful, it is too much repetitive. For the fans of the genre.