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Throes of Dawn is a dark metal band from Finland, formed in 1994 by Henri Koivula (vocals) and Jani Heinola (synth). Three other members soon joined the band after their previous band ceased to exist. Throes of Dawn plays emotional dark metal, combining synths and guitars in a unique way. The music is not fast, nor aggressive, rather mid-paced and heavy, with screaming vocals and occasional clean vocals. The synths play an important role by bringing lots of atmosphere and depth into the music. The lyrical concept of Throes of Dawn deals with the deeper and darker aspects of the human psyche; like solitude, gloomy emotions and despair. During the autumn of 1994 the first demo: "With The Northern Wind" was recorded. After few negotiations were held with Woodcut records, a two-album deal was signed in -95. However, Throes of Dawn was still quite unknown band and found it best to record some newer material to be released as a promo tape through Woodcut records. Several new songs were recorded, and four of them were picked to the "Pakkasherra" promo tape. The promo tape brought some name to the band, especially in Finland. Due to some problems with finding a proper studio, the recordings of the debut album;"Pakkasherra" were utterly delayed. Finally, in the summer of 1996, Throes of Dawn got their chance to hit the studio. Within a week, the work was done. Throes of Dawn presented very technical, raw and original metal music in their "Pakkasherra" debut album. Through various problems with the covers, the album was finally released in March of 1997 with a good reception in the metal underground. The second album "Dreams of the Black Earth" was forged in the legendary Tico-Tico studio in late 1997. The result sounded unique. The music of Throes of Dawn had developed enormously from "Pakkasherra". Where "Pakkasherra" sounds raw and technical "Dreams of the Black Earth" shows much more mature and sensitive side of the band. The Studio engineer, Ahti Kortelainen showed awesome skills in the mixing and producing of this album. One song from the this album was released as a taster in "The Blackened Rainbow" MCD in July 1998. "Dreams of the Black Earth" was released in Finland in December 1998. It was available worldwide in January-April 1999. This was the last release through Woodcut Records and the search for a new label began... From several offers from labels worldwide, Italian Wounded Love records proved to be the label that would fit Throes of Dawn best. The deal was signed in June -99, consisting of two full-length albums... The recording sessions of the third "Binding of the Spirit" album took place in autumn 1999 at Tico-Tico studios. With "Binding of the Spirit", Throes of Dawn had taken their music on a more serious and gloomy level. Armed with great sounds and better production, the band showed a darker and depressive side of their dark metal. "Binding of the Spirit" was released through Wounded Love in Spring 2000. The response from the listeners and the press was great. The album received very good reviews worldwide. In the summer of 2001, the band was falling apart. The major problem that led to this, was the fact that the other members of the band lived so far away, and there was no real possibility to rehearse with the band. After the band had been dead for a few months Henri and Jani decided to bring the band back to life with a totally new line-up. The search for the new members and the composing of the fourth album started instantly. Recording contract was also renewed; the fourth album was set to be released through the Italian Avantgarde music. Through many different experiments, a new line-up began to take shape. Each new member had a past in a familiar band: Lead guitarist Juha Ylikoski had played in Rotten Sound, the bass player Harri Huhtala played previously in Cartilage and Vomiturition. The drummer, Jani Martikkala, had previously played in ?And Oceans and Enochian Crescent. Finally, after years of planning and intensive songwriting, the recordings of the fourth album "Quicksilver Clouds" started in the autumn of 2003 at Sonic-pump studios in Helsinki. 9 new songs were recorded with a total running time of 47 minutes. With "Quicksilver Clouds" Throes of Dawn takes their music into totally new and exciting level: The depth and atmosphere in this album greatly exceeds all their previous releases! New elements were fearlessly combined into the traditional Throes of Dawn sound, and this really opens new dimensions into their dark metal. The sound engineer Tero "Max" Kostermaa showed true dedication to his work, which resulted in brilliant and atmospheric soundscape. Without any doubt, "Quicksilver Clouds" is the best Throes of Dawn album so far? A decade has passed since Throes of Dawn started its journey and the band is now stronger than ever before. The future seems very bright. Countless dawns are yet to be seen, new spheres are yet to be conquered. The composing of the fifth album has already begun..