Sammath - Godless Arrogance Digi-CD

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Now to those who are unaware of the band, Sammath plays raw vicious black metal with a touch of death metal, summed up with great atmosphere. The similarity can be drawn with Marduk (Godless Arrogance to be more specific) and Setherial. Now this would sound totally astounding if a band plays faster black metal on a vivid background of punishing atmosphere- that’s what Sammath is all about. To deal with Godless Arrogance, make yourself prepared for the extermination as there is no intro- they are going to tear you up in pieces with the invective sound right from the beginning. The raw, fast and brutal guitar riffs are reminiscent of Nightwing-era Marduk, if you ask for similarity. The riffs are actually more powerful and crushing. Sonically, the album is the invocation of battle hymns. The vocals are mainly done with screeching and shrieking voices, which sound absolutely inhumane and barbaric. The album has a very strong production with superb mastering apprehensions. Godless arrogance longs for only 36 odd minutes comprising of 8 tracks, but I can assure each minute of it sounds annihilating for an impending war. If you are looking for some 90’s era Marduk alike band, then Sammath should be your priority. Highly recommended.