Perennial Isolation - Conviction Of Voidness CD

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Conviction of Voidness will feature eight tracks of the most incredible emotive pagan black metal that you actually can listen to, eight tracks full of magic and melancholy, of emotions on the edge, of immense and desolate landscapes to enjoy the power of Mother Nature... organic black metal, absolutely free of additives, just pure black metal with heathen soul to get lost alone in the gloomiest mountains in those cold rainy Winter days... Recorded at Aggressive Studios in Barcelona, which ensure a top-notch sound, Conviction of Voidness also comes with an outstanding artwork done once more time by el dios perezoso for PuertaOskura, transforming into images the nostalgia and melancholy that emanate from Perennial Isolation's songs... And to start tasting it, we invite you all to take a look to the official trailer we have just launched in our youtube channel, more than four minutes with a little bit of each song that for sure will catch you immediately...