Necrokrist SS - Der Todesking CD

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Beschreibung = 7/10 points: One look at the title and cover art of this album and it went straight on my review pile without a note being played. The film that it takes its name from is very much a favourite of mine and one of the most depressing views out there dealing with violent and often suicidal death over the course of a week. Directed by Jorg Buttgereit in 1990 it?s one of those films that once seen is never forgotten and it along with its ?death king? logo is something that has inspired many. I immediately took this to be a slice of DSBM but actually it is not as it is far too swaggering and jubilant in execution. These filthy Finns flirt with dodgy aesthetics by name and song titles but seem to be more about revelling in genocide and destruction of mankind than anything more ideologically dangerous as far as I can see and as the music starts with German militant brass band and patriotic choral parts and is swiftly obliterated in a burst of gunfire it is very clear that in this lot?s mind-view there are no sides and no winners in their war. If you want to delve further into this, a statement I found in an interview states ?Nekrokrist is not NSBM band, what WE are is not anyone?s business!? As for the name ?SS means us the brotherhood of Anti-Christ.? I guess you can interpret all that as you wish. As things take hold we are flung into a violent swaggering and punk fuelled black metal rampage and the music here is pretty much fast-paced throughout and goes like the clappers. Vocalist Nekroführer (the rest of the band simply go for initials) has a high yapping clamour about his style but the squawking pitch bites well and accentuates the music with a real sense of urgency. Singing in Finnish does not help me see if the filmic subject matter is related in the lyrics not that I would be able to work them out sung in this style anyway even if in English. Song translation of ?Perkeleestä syntynyt? to Born Of The Devil sums things up well enough. ?Crematory Hymn (Burn In Hell)? is a nasty enough title and the song once unspooled bounces up and down almost pogoing in a complete frenzy. The drive is constant and if I had to compare to anything Taake would be a good reference point although his death king tattoo could well have swayed me in that direction. It?s not quite as fetid as the likes of countrymen Horna but there are definite similarities too and the primitive way things are flung out along with gnarly frost-biting melody is pretty damn hard not to have you getting enthused about. Slower at last, the mid paced ?Satan Calls Your Name? is a dedicated foul hymnal piece with the vocals really screeching away from on high before the song ratchets up a gear and goes into a glorious punch fuelled melee before finally a solemn maudlin melody takes over. You certainly feel like you have been through a mad killing spree when this album is over and has fully spat you out and it is a constant rampage with even the title track not going into the complete wrist slitting suicidal mode that I expected but it certainly sounds like it revels in the glory of death . I did kind of hope for a burst of the theme from the film but not getting it was the only real disappointment from this savagely in your face album. (7/10 Pete Woods)