Murw - In de mond van het onbekende wacht een oceaan CD

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Detached, twisted and deranged black metal from The Netherlands. Progressive and technical compositions - no easy-listening here, but an intense rotten expression and depressed, doomed journey into the self. Material is highly unique and intelligent, no two tracks are alike, and nothing is Murw alike! #### Some feedback ####: 90 / 100 90 / 100 ?In contrast to other bands in the genre, Murw does not become boring at all. The length of the songs and the many genre-untypical elements create an extremely intense atmosphere, which works hypnotic and psychological. Because Murw know exactly when to use hard parts and when to use minimalistic, melodic parts, there remains a thrill to keep listening to the album from the first to the last note. It's strange, how Murw stayed an unknown must-have so far, because they belong to the best what atmospheric black metal can offer.? #### 80 / 100 Schwarze news: ?Something resembling Murw is hard to find ? an album that wass not build on untalented ?I wish I was Varg Vikernes?-whining, but offers truly capable musicians, who would even make this album worthy if it were purely instrumental.? ####