Mord`A`Stigmata - Ansia CD

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Third album of Polish Occult Black Metal ensemble! Poland based avant-garde psychedelic post black metalers MORD?A?STIGMATA returns with their new album ?Ansia?! Featuring five tracks with over a 47 minutes playing time, ?Ansia? is a multifaced album that explores disturbing, hypnotic music with expansive experimentation, rooted in black metal, but going way further. Mord?A?Stigmata comes off as an impressive band that is beginning to take the black metal framework and push it into psychedelic avant-garde and experimental territory. Released in standard jewel-case CD format with lay out done by Marcin Gadomski (Upgrade Design Studio / Black Moon Clothing). Mandatory listening for fans of avant-garde black metal genre and bands like Deathspell Omega, Dodecahedron, Massemord, Darkspace, Secrets of the Moon, Blut Aus Nord, Nachtmystium, Thaw...