Minas Morgul – Heimkehr Digi-CD

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++++ VÖ / OUT: 23.04.2021 ++++ Minas Morgul are BACK : motivated, with a bunch of fresh ideas, a new lineup (including Robse / Equilibrium) and work on a new album. Minas Morgul doesn't want to reinvent the wheel but arent afraid to continue exploring new ideas broached on "Kult". "We traveled to the walls of our fortess, to our foundations, we returned home." After 6 Albums and 20 years of playing live music, Minas Morgul have made a name for themselves, not only in the German metal scene but internationally as well, in 2021 they will present their 7th and newest album" Heimkehr"! Expressive and melodic Pagan Black / Death Metal, peppered with fat guitar riffs, hymn-like melodies, driving drums, blast beats, groovy parts and with their own "Morgul note", these are the things that make Minas Morgul unforgettable. "Heimkehr" (Homecoming) tells of a journey through a world of hope, despair, frenzy, fire, damnnation, death, fantasy, mythology, as well as light and the deepest darkness.