Kråbøl - Never Digi-CD

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VÖ / OUT: 31.05.2024 #### Blood is thicker than water! The Kråbøl family might be unknown to many, but if you dig a little you’ll find they have played a significant role in the Norwegian music scene over the years. You’ll find links to Thorns’ Trøndertun demo, as well as Tulus, Sarke, Minas Tirith, Khold, Misotheist, Enevelde and Katechon, to mention just a handful of bands they have participated in. Together they joined forces and recorded this beast of an album; NEVER, an explosive album filled to the brim of Norwegian Black Metal, presenting elements from all decades of the genre. A fantastic feat by generations of Kråbøl, who even added a grandfather on trumpet! Sit back, light a fire and dive into the family values of Kråbøl.