Heimdalls Wacht - Nichtorte CD

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Highly anticipated proper and deserved release of Heimdalls Wacht's latest and most important album. Authentic and nostalgic pagan black metal. Without a doubt one of the most respected black metal bands from Germany, always following their own old-school path and attitude, never wimping out or going for the stereotypes or for cheap political remarks. Expect epic yet melancholic guitar melodies and captivating, triumphant choirs carefully composed to mix with aggressive and fierce blasting parts, as well as sections that remind of traditional folk music. Enriched with conceptual lyrics, philosophical and traditional wonderings, deeply rooted in the history of their home-state Westphalia. The album was previously unavailable, but now repressed for worldwide distribution. #### Reviews #### 95 / 100 Schwarze News: ?Nearly perfect, authentic pagan black metal. Again Heimdalls Wacht shows they belong to the biggest in Germany.? #### 12 / 15 Folkmetal.at: ?'Nichtorte' verbindet jede Menge Power mit sehr viel Gespür für feinere Klänge. Nichts ist trivial, vieles individuell und manches gar originell. Qualität, die sich jedenfalls auf "Nichtorte" zweifellos finden lässt und einen Kauf wahrlich empfehlen. Mit derlei Werken hätte Heimdalls Wacht wahrlich mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient!? #### Lady Metal Webzine: "Brute force is alternated with catchy melodies, and thus this album is another piece of evidence that Heimdalls Wacht belongs to the biggest of our country." ####