Glorious Times - A Pictorial Of The Death Metal Scene – 1984-1991 - Book

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Finally reprinted! The ultimate book for retrospective death metal history! After years of being sold out this fine piece of Death metal history, Glorious Times is finally again on stock by Fryktos Burnings! With new artwork, an added interview with the writers Alan and Brian, high quality print with spot UV print in details. A must own book for all the death metal fans! These are the memories from those involved in the early days of the scene in their own words! 180 full coloured pages of massively rare and mostly unseen photographs, tied together with sentiment and reflections from the very people who lived the era – the Glorious Times. Bands featured: ACHERON, AUTOPSY, BAPHOMET, BRUTALITY, CANNIBAL CORPSE, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, DARK ANGEL, DEATH, DECEASED, DEICIDE, DERKETA, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, EXMORTIS, GROOVY AARDVARK, HELLWITCH, HIDEOUS MANGLEUS, IMMOLATION, IMPETIGO, INCANTATION, INCUBUS, INSANITY, LETHAL AGGRESSION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, MASSACRE, MASSAPPEAL, MASTER, MORBID ANGEL, NAPALM DEATH, NOCTURNUS, NOKTURNEL, NUCLEAR DEATH, OVERTHROW, PAINEATER, POSSESSED, PRIME EVIL, REVENANT, RIGHTEOUS PIGS, RIPPING CORPSE, SACRIFICE, SLAUGHTER, SOOTHSAYER, TERRORAIN, TIRANT SIN, UNSEEN TERROR, VOMIT, WEHRMACHT, WHERE’S THEPOPE?