Forgotten Path Magazin # 6

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The thickest edition they ever made - 132 professionally printed b/w pages - includes interviews with: Nivlhel [Swe], Anthro Halaust [Ukr], Living Altar [Ltu], Pestilential Shadows [Aus], Drunemeton (ex-Heresiarch Seminary) [Rus], ?Oaken Throne Zine? [Usa], Gorrch [Ita], Necrohell [Gre], Thorybos [Ger], Graveborne [Fin], Devlsy [Ltu], Saligia [Nor], Inthyflesh [Por], Serpents Lair [Den], Popravcí Vrch [Cze], Inquisitor [Ltu], Zargof [Bra], ?Grom Records? [Ser], Slidhr [Irl], Grave Miasma [Gbr], Norman Shores [Fra], A.M.S.G. [Can], Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult [Ger]. Therefore, it offers three special articles (on best albums from Greek scene during several pats years, on Niklas Kvarfort?s (Shining) activity, and post- invasion into Black Metal), as well as usual reports from local fests and review sections.