Folge dem Wind - To Summon Twilight CD

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FOLGE DEM WIND — the Animist Black Metal band from France. #### Reviews: = 8/10 Points: The French Black Metal scene has always astounded me with its ever-growing variety of artists from many angles of this vast underground genre, and FOLGE DEM WINDS are definitely one of those musicians who should be among the elite in their country’s underground. FOLGE DEM WINDS, like most Black Metal bands have been active since the late 90’s, on top of that their continued dedication to remain Black Metal musicians despite their mediocre popularity is highly respectable… but their status will hopefully elevate with their latest release “To Summon Twilight” on Code666 Records. Code666 are well known for releasing several genres of Black Metal like AMESOEUR’s Post-Black Metal, THE AXIS OF PERDITION’s Industrial Black Metal, and our aforementioned FOLGE DEM WINDS’s Pagan Black Metal. Like most Pagan bands the style here is influenced from several styles other than the typical raw formula bands have been known to deliver since the inception of MAYHEM, and extra flavor to an evil genre like this is most of the time rewarding when done well. “To Summon Twilight” is overloaded with semi-melodic guitars, very well audible bass parts, very perfectly executed Viking styled drums, and very evil screams from the throat of a proud Aryan. Moreover, the fact that such varieties exist here and do not disrupt the atmosphere the album is supposed to deliver is enough to grant FOLGE DEM WINDS the title of achieved Black Metal musicians. “To Summon Twilight” is a treat for fans of France’s popular underground Black Metal and a must-have for Pagan Metal enthusiasts worldwide, in addition to being a great introduction to an accomplished and under-appreciated band. Grab this on the 24th of February. (Dory Khawand)