Fiur - Imperium 3CD Poly Box

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IMPERIUM appears as a monumental work with 173 minutes playing time. However, the three parts of the journey can also be considered as three separate, self-contained albums. While "VEHEMENZ" and "RUIN" also lyrically tell a continuous story, the last part "EREMIT" is a single instrumental frenzy. A 53-minute track that on the one hand represents the typical FIUR sound but on the other hand makes it more versatile and multi-layered with many influences than ever before: Furious blast-beat walls, melodic death metal parts, even heavy doom metal, softer parts and more present synthesizers give this journey a progressive touch. 3CD POLY BOX including: - CD 1 "Vehemenz" - CD 2 "Ruin" - CD 3 "Eremit" - 16-page booklet with all lyrics.