Evohe - Deus Sive Natura CD

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EVOHÉ is a Pagan Black Metal band founded in 2001 by Abyssd, Furthass and Dalgrind deep in the French mountains. Their first demo `Non Serviam` was released in the same year and was well-received within the Black Metal underground. Shortly after its release, the band was signed by Oaken Shield, a sub-label of Adipocere Records. The previous drummer Yohvan was followed by Oldar (ex-Nehëmah) in 2004. During this period, they started to work on the debut album `Tellus Mater`, a brutal and cold hymn to Mother Earth. Even then, EVOHÉ showed how impressive a mix of atmospheric Pagan Metal and the mystical influences of French Black Metal can sound. In 2011, Hljodr joined the band and worked with the rest of the crew on their second album `Anwvynn`, which was released in 2011 via Unlight Productions. The album openly shows the Pagan side of the band, longer songs and clean vocals give `Anwvynn` a special touch. Valravn joined EVOHÉ in 2018 and the recordings for the third album began. `Deus Sive Natura` is their label debut on Folter Records and offers more than one hour of a sinister, cold, yet also engaging and intoxicating atmosphere distributed over nine songs. Classic Black Metal influences meet Pagan Metal in the true sense of the genre and combine to a mixture that emphasizes the strengths of the French scene and the uniqueness of EVOHÉ.