Brocken Moon - Das Märchen vom Schnee CD

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After 5 demos and their debut album "Mondfinsternis" in 2005, Brocken Moon return with a fantastic album that combines cold, atmospheric Black Metal and acoustic parts with a concept story which had best be described as self-written folk tale and a brilliant artwork that is on the one hand dark and pure underground like the music but on the other hand a hauntingly beautiful expression of the whole lyrical concept. It happens not often that the music, lyrics and artwork of an album appear in such perfect unity. "Das Märchen vom Schnee" is a release that is highly recommended for fans of old Ulver and In The Woods but also Lunar Aurora or Paysage d'Hiver, one and all bands who not just put effort into their music but make sure all aspects of a release complement each other and together form an album that is not mere music but a real work of art. Most of you might be aware of the fact that the band released this cd themselves a short while ago. However, when we got a copy into our hands it left no doubt that the album deserved to be properly distributed and promoted worldwide, lest it remain unappreciated by most.