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Scared to Death

Thrash Metal from Southern Germany

Scared to Death is a Thrash Metal band from Teisnach (Bavaria) which was founded in 2006. Ever since then their style has been enrooted in the golden 80s of this genre. A mixture of dynamic and melodic Thrash Metal is performed by a three-men-army. Heavy guitars, impulsive drums and rough vocals will lash around the ears of the audience spreading the original spirit.

Grown up with the heavy music of the 80s and 90s, they have always been tightened and addicted to this way of life. Therefore three young men decided to create their own band: The thrash triplet was born in January 2006. Half a year later, they released their first self-made demo called "Your Pain Is My passion". This kind of debut was accepted quite well in the underground metal scene. Furthermore it was the key to play a few known festivals in Bavaria. Besides many live shows within the local thrash scene the band was working on their first longplayer “Deathstruction” which was released in August 2008 by STF Records. At the end of 2008 STD went on European tour supporting German thrash legends Destruction on their 25th anniversary. Within 4 weeks many shows had been played in 13 different countries. In the years up to 2012 the band had been able to perform at many festivals in Southern Germany and Austria sharing the stage with well-known metal acts. During that time the songwriting process for album number 2 started but was unfortunately delayed by the search for a new band member. In 2013 a new bass player was found to re-complete the thrash triplet!

In the beginning of 2014 STD are about to release their second full-length album entitled "Fatal Destroyer" via Medusa Records!

Line up:

Ernst Kramheller (git, voc)
Felix Kauschinger (bass)
Stefan Bohmann (drums)


Your Pain Is My Passion (Demo: Eigenproduktion, 2006)
Deathstruction (Album: STF Records, 2008)
Fatal Destroyer (Album: Medusa Records, 2014)





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