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Creature "Heliskron´" Advance - Press voices

„Musically they are among the most brutal, uncompromising acts of the German Black Metal scene even though there are many melodies in the guitar work and the band never just primitively bashes around.“
(Götz Kühnemund, www.RockHard.de)
„On „Helioskron´“ you will find everything that makes today´s Black Metal exciting - epic, majesty, brutality, headbanging compatibility, lots of minor key and a consequent continuity of darkness far away from post pseudo babble.(...) This is how demanding yet atmospheric German Black Metal should sound in 2013.“
„Definitely my recommendation for those who call passion and hate their personal elysium..“
(Horaz/Imperium Dekadenz)
„„Helioskron´“ is even more sophisticated, unique and intense.“
(Markus Eck, www.emp.de)
„… an over-all morbid undertone, which should enthuse every Black Metal, regardless of individual preferences.“
(Marlis Wimmerer, www.nuclearblast.de)

"...high-quality Black Metal stuff. Genre aficionados, who prefer it puristic, can put this in their shelves without second thought."
(Blach, www.zillo.de)


"This makes „Helioskron´“ not only CREATUREs most ambitious work to date, they cause quite a stir in Germany´s Black Metal scene!"
(Michael Schumacher, www.legacy666.de)


„Brutal Black Metal with Pagan influences and lots of atmosphere, a fantastic, cracking album“
9/10 points (Jochen Strubel, www.ffm-rock.de)


„On „Helioskron´“ CREATURE create a black-mystique, exaltedly aggressive and at the same time unbelievably dense atmosphere."
(Kruemel, www.bleeding4metal.de)

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