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Lux Divina "Possessed By Telluric Feelings" Advance - Press voices

„Oftentimes close to goose bump moments of Primordial, unique art is being celebrated here !"
(Markus Eck, www.emp.de)
„…Primordials melancholy, nature mystique in the style of Borknagar and the dreamy atmosphere of In The Woods. LUX DIVINA skillfully switch between heart wrenching, majestic Doom and aggressive Black Metal.“
8/10 points (Björn Thorsten Jaschinski, www.RockHard.de)
„…can keep up with the quality of nordic bands like Primordial, Solstafir, Thyrfing or early Enslaved and fans of the aforementioned acts should feel concerned because of the stylistic similarities a risk an ear.."
(Blach, www.zillo.de)
„With this potential and the fine intuition, which these guys are demonstrating here, friends of paganistic music art will let this record rotate in cold winter nights."
11/15 points (Sebastian Groß, www.legacy666.de)
„LUX DIVINA back up their exotic bonus musically and bring back the pitch black sadness to Black Metal.”
8/10 points (Nils Macher, www.Powermetal.de)
„It´s easy to start raving. Even those not rather not into Black Metal should check this out. It will be worthwhile"
(Karsten Henze, www.nachtaktiv-magazin.com )
„This five-piece acts self-assured and independent from trends…“
8,5/10 points (Thor, www.adnoctum.de/hammerheart-zine)
„Doubtless, it is one of the best discoveries in latter times and even now I can fearlessly state that “Possessed by Telluric Feelings” is one of the best Black Metal releases of oncoming 2013."
9,5/10 points (Odium, www.forgotten-path.lt )

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