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Interview Cosmos Gaming

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German death metal band Abrogation has been around for over a decade now, but it wasn't until this year's tief, schwarz, blutig, rot that I had the chance to check them out. I was quite impressed with the group as they had some ideas that were a bit different from the others out there, and I wanted to discover more. I had the opportunity to correspond with the band via email and asked them about the new album and more.

For those of our readers who have not heard of Abrogation, can you give us a brief history of the band? How long have you been around for and how did your members meet?

Schwarte: ABROGATION was founded in the nineties by RW and myself, and a guitarist who fit perfectly to us (Poldi) joined in 1997. We met him by checking out a bit of the local music scene and asked bands who were friends already. Together we recorded a first album titled "Screams of Soul", actually we were singing in English at this time. After releasing an EP ("Creation of Madness") the album "Handwerk des Todes" followed. Finally in 1999 we met our drummer John Doe, with him we found again somebody suitable for our music and especially suitable to us, personally spoken.

Abrogation has put out five full lengths to date, the latest of which is called Tief Schwarz Blutig Rot. How do you feel your sound has changed/evolved from your earlier releases to this newest one?

John Doe: In contrary to the earlier albums, the production of "tief schwarz blutig rot" went totally different! We had a release date for the first time, so this made us work in time for a certain deadline. Moreover, the songs mostly have been elabourated during a phase of pre-production, that means each of us has a little HD-recording system at home, so he can work ownstanding on different details of a song.

The vocals were recorded after the pre-production , this also happened for the first time. And, again different to the earlier albums, we've never played one of the songs on the new album live yet.

How long did it take to write/record the album and where did you record it at?

Poldi: This new album had the most short time of realisation yet, even less than 1 year. The drums have been recorded in an ancient church located in our area, this church is an acoustic phenomenon! Everything else has been recorded at "Pflantz Studios" in Magdeburg, the CD has been also produced and mixed over there.

Tief Schwarz Blutig Rot was put out by Medusa Productions. How did you get connected with the label and are you happy to have the additional support?

RW: We knew Mike of Medusa Productions/Dragon Design for years already. When starting the production of the new album, we wrote to different labels. When Mike showed his interest, we came to an agreement quite fast, so a cooperation resulted. In any case it's a huge progress to cooperate with MEDUSA PRODUCTIONS, a label has different exeriences concerning the business and you have the possibillity to refresh your own experiences as well. At this place I also want to say a big thanks to Olaf from EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN for his support, MEDUSA PRODUCTIONS and EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN are cooperating quite close.

Is there a general theme throughout the album or does each song have different ideas? What were some of your influences are you were writing the songs?

Schwarte: Our lyrical roots are based on medieval themes and some cliches according to that. But since a certain time we've been trying to create them more open-minded and more reliable to actual themes of today. For example . "vom Ende der Welt" deals with human deeds destroying our planet: The damage is done, we only can lean back and watch... "Herr Richter" describes persons who are interpretrating religion for themselves only, so they can make directives to others... On our album "das Blut der Toten" this lyrics definitely would have described a priest who's abusing children...

I thought that the album cover for Tief Schwarz Blutig Rot was really well put together. Who created it and how does it tie into the themes/feel of the release?

John Doe: Yeah, I do agree, the cover artwork definetively turned out great, The main idea came from Schwarte, he had some kind of vision and we liked the idea a lot! The cover itself was realized by MIKE/DRAGON DESIGN/MEDUSA PRODUCTIONS, and after some intern consultations we all gave our ok to it and are very satisfied with the result now! A big thanks goes to Mike again! The lyrics of the title-track are describing pretty well what you can see on the cover now, the Death (death in person) paints live with blood and flesh on canvas.

Are you planning to tour now that the new album has been released? If so what do you have planned and who will you be touring with?

RW: We're planing to play as often and as much as possible, would be great if a whole tour would result some day. We're playing live at a few German Festivals in 2011 and we will continue playing live as often as possible, cause especially our vocalist Schwarte is still dreaming of a tour all over the States.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Schwarte: Greetings to all fans who supported us until yet and all new fans checking out ABROGATION! Thanks to MEDUSA PRODUCTIONS and EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN, a great team! Visit http://www.abrogation.de, there you also will find links to our MySpace, Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you like our music , support us and buy our CD's, we have great distributors who support us with maximum amount! When buying a CD or a shirt from us, you're investing in the future of ABROGATION and their further projects , not in commercial orientated label-politics! Also a big thanks to Cosmos Gaming for the interview and supporting us with it!

Chris Dahlberg
May 30, 2011

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