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AndrasANDRAS - „Warlord“ Digi-CD+DVD+Band Poster

Many fans of ANDRAS have waited for this with desire: one of the very first Pagan Black Metal-hordes from Germany at all with their newest musical Heathen Metal hammerstrike!
- a high-quality release in the purest & timeless way! - comes with great painted cover-artwork & finest layout!
- available as regular CD in jewel case, as limited digipak version incl. exclusive DVD + band-poster!!! as well as download! - well filled DVD contains trailer, slideshow & discography as special bonus + the complete awesome Andras live appearance at Chronical Moshers Open Air 2010 !!!

AndrasANDRAS - „Iron Way“ CD

One of the longest serving Eastgerman Black Metal hordes report back. Pure stubbornness, which should be an example for so many similar groups. Matured by many years of dilligence and determination, Andras present themselves as experienced Epic Pagan Metallers just like on their already grandiose predecessor album „...Of Old Wisdom“.And these unyielding men from the German Erzgebirge also love the inexhaustible wealth of compositional possibilities for variation with heart and soul: an oppulence of refreshing, stimulatory variety in all the relevant criteria such as velocity, rhythmic patterns, emotionality and intensity. The current opus will be promoted with concerts & festival performances. Press has nothing but praise for this album.

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Bifroest - Mana Ewah

Bifröst – Mana Ewah CD

Utmarken - Utmarken

UTMARKEN – Utmarken CD



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