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Mortal IntentionMORTAL INTENTION - „Abglanz“ CD

Mortal Intention – were founded in 1996, full of urge to accomplish their goals the band began to develop their unique, diverse and athmospheric style of Black Metal., which also inlcuded strong Death Metal elements in the beginning. Almost a year later the very first release came out, a demo limited to 200 copies, which was immediately sold out. The next demo tape surpassed its predecessor in terms of playing chops, number of copies and requests from the fans. After the third offering from 1999, entitled „Wintermond-Promo“, Mortal Intention released their infernal, extreme debut „Beflecket Fleisch“ in 2000. 500 copies of this self-produced record were available. The very individual sounding work of the nasty horde got positive reactions from the ever-growing scene, mainly because of the wide range of musical ideas. The next studioalbums, „Sic Luceat Lux“ and "Latent Letal" had polarizing effects on the underground of the genre. That was exactly what the band expected, as they never aimed for mediocrity, which is massively demonstrated by the upcoming studioalbum „Abglanz“, which has already gained positve reactions from the media & will be strongly supported by live gigs and festival apperances.

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