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ISSUE #3 Date: Volume: Editions: Availability: Contents: Published in July 2009 CE. 130 pages, pro-printed, adhesive binding. 1st edition (300). Available. Incl. sophisticated interviews with: In the Woods... (Norway) Menhir (Germany) Agalloch (United States) Tenhi (Finland) Guest interview: Martin Walkyier (formerly Skyclad, UK) Essays/ articles on: "Beowulf" - the Anglo-Saxon epic and its time Dark side of Sumero-Babylonian mythology On the spiritual relations of Vikings & Sami-people Paganism in the medieval Baltic States Quarterstaff fighting in England "Versus the modern world" (on Neo-paganism, Part. 1) Various and considered reviews on music, books, magazines, DVDs. Free CD-sampler (bonus tracks of Wardruna & Paganus)