Tezcatlipoca - Yaolt Mictlan CD

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Black metal’s fascination with pre-Christian culture is a constant, but we generally think of Western Europe’s dark, Germanic paganism rather than, well, anywhere else. Yaotl Mictlan, among a handful of (also) very talented others, tap into the myth and mystery which pervaded the area now known as Mexico and the pantheon of deities which ruled the various kingdoms’ beliefs. The god of sorcery and myth, Tezcatlipoca, finds representation in Yaotl Mictlan’s latest single, “Tezcatlipoca – Espejo Relumbrante” (trans. “Tezcatlipoca – Shimmering Mirror”). Finding itself in a mix between progression-based black metal and the atmospheric acrobatics which fall in line as such, Yaotl Mictlan’s latest effort is a mystical example of pre-Christian belief expressed through the black metal vehicle.