Svartthron - Kraujo Estetika (Blood Aesthetics) CD

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Beschreibung = Inferna Profundus Records presents the first black metal album in Lithuania this year, ?Kraujo Estetika?. Visual result of CD was generated in collaboration with They gave a 12 page booklet with the fragments from the lyrics and repulsive imagery to mutual esthetics yet such imagery was essential to general album conception. ?Kraujo Estetika? is the fourth official album since 2005, when Lithuanian project Svartthron was born. The line up for this album is exclusively Lithuanian: vocals are done by Levas (Andaja) and drums by [k] (Argharus). Last mentioned where recorded live for the first time in project history. Everything else guitars, bass and composition where the concern of the project leader. The final result is strong and varied Lithuanian black metal album bonded together by one theme ? blood. Songs in ?Kraujo Estetika? are similar to individual paintings, where through visions and suffering come knowing and understanding and this leads to total beast triumph. Album songs all sound as different music formations: depressive, dark, plangent guitar melodies are combined with slashing drumming and aggressive outbursts. All musical painting is complemented by vocals, which at one point sound as strangulated as butchered beast, at other this beast attacks infuriately, imperiously and scornfully. One song has guest for vocals, Kommander L. (Luctus) from Lithuanian division stationed in Italy. He flavoured the album with another varied attitude to the main theme and different sound. This album isn?t just a wallow with sounds and consonances, it?s a philosophic discourse to the core of the human being, consideration of human-beast, led by his own frailty and hesitancy and outer factors such as religion implication to him in life or death. Svartthron will remain a non live project, so there will be no album presentation as such. Creations from ?Kraujo Estetika? can be heard at