Slavia - Integrity And Victory CD

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Beschreibung = SLAVIA was a one-man totalitarian apocalycptic "war metal" project established in 1994 under the name of DREYGJARNIR by Jonas Raskolnikov Christiansen (ex-DISIPLIN etc. Changed name in 1997 cause of his Eastern-European heritage. SLAVIA was signed by French label Drakkar Productions in 1998 and had done 3 exclusive live-performances since 1999 with help of session musicians before this concert we bring you here. The 4th show is recorded at the Hole in the Sky Festival, August 2007, with Jonas doing vocals, Goatpromoter Lava (AMOK .etc) and Dreggen (AETURNUS etc.) on guitars. Hoest (TAAKE etc.) was supposed to handle the bass, but had to serve some time behind the bars just before the gig. Thurzur (Dead to this World etc.) then played bass, while mA:Fog (BLACK FLAME etc.) did the drumming. The set is all the songs from SLAVIA's debut full-length album 'Strength and Vision' which multi-instrumentalist Jonas recorded all by himself except from some guest vocals from Vickotnik (DØDHEIMSGARD etc.) and Ghash (APTORIAN DEMON etc.) SLAVIA have done 3 more concerts in Bergen since this gig with "steady" line-up (Hoest on bass, Thurzur and Aindiachai on guitars and mA:Fog on drums. The last gig was the performance of the 2nd full-length album entitled 'Integrity and Victory' at the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway, Sat. 23rd April 2011. Jonas Raskolnikov Christiansen was found dead in his apartment 17 November 2011. Rest in peace fellow musician.