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The 2nd Rauhnåcht album ?Urzeitgeist?. The first release ?Vorweltschweigen? paved the path, but was only an indication of greater things to come. ?Urzeitgeist? simply is perfect in all parts, be it music, songs, production, feeling or artwork. We go into a world of ice, other worldly creatures, blizzards and the might Alpine landscape. Under the newly invented sub-genre name of Alpine black metal. Rauhnåcht started out as a project by renown Austrian artist Stefan Traunmüller, which earned respect in the worldwide black Metal community with his releases or contributions to bands such as Golden Dawn and Wallachia. Being right there in the centre of the Austrian Black Metal scene (Abigor, Summoning). Then the album, this is a true Black Metal classic to be, which will make fans of Abigor (for the black Metal side) and Falkenbach (for the folk inpired side) simply go insane.