Phreneticum - Der Stille Zerfall CD

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VÖ / OUT: 09.07.2021 #### Winter is the time of darkness, depression and madness. In these dark days, the screams of Leichenfresse and distorted guitar sound of Fluch (Abigorum, Trond, Wulfgar) thunder through the silent night of Großthiemig. Phreneticum, named after the mental illness, is a project from the deepest part of East Germany. The members met in 2015 for the first rehearsals and evolved through several lineups whilst the first recordings were made. These productions continuously developed over time and ultimately shaped the sound of today. Finally, the debut album "Der Stille Zerfall" is ready! Be prepared for 45 minutes of traditional German black metal for fans of Sarkrista, Imperium Dekadandz and Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.