Nakkiga - Amerasu CD

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Amerasu is a conceptual album based in the books Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams, it tells us the story of Amerasu, the first grandmother, and his sons, the Sitha, how they spread them in harmony with Nature until the arriving of the humans who bring the war, how the Sithas are divided in two families, Sithas and Nornas, and how the second ones plot their vengeance against the humans in the belly of Nakkiga... an epic story that the Spaniards translate into music in a totally amazing way, with a raw pagan black metal full of strength and fury, hundred per cent personal, with so many details and different shades... Recorded by Oindurth at Spitako Studios and mastered by Javi Bastard (Graveyard, Lux Divina, etc.) at Moontower Studios, the cover and all the inner drawings have been done by Igor Artaburu (Xerión, Berserk, etc.), as the final layout have been developed by el dios perezoso...