Mahakala - Devil`s Music CD

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Beschreibung = Mahakala from Athens, Greece are back with their official debut full length release entitled "Devil's Music". You may remember the band by their debut, self titled EP which was released on 2007 by Spanish indie label Parade Records. This release, limited to 1000 copies was mainly influenced by old school punk, early Heavy Rock and the 90?s Stoner / Sludge rock movement. Well I guess that the current musical status of the band is a little different. Mahakala in their current release are generating a very special type of sound inspired by the 60s bluesy sound in its heavier form -Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream- 70s Rock and its fantasy / occult side -Coven, Black Widow, Blue Oyster Cult-, the 80s dark side of Classic Heavy Metal -Merciful Fate, Demon- plus the entire wave of occult Rock and Metal bands of our times -The Devils Blood, Year Of The God, Ghost, In Solitude-. They are adding some generous Doom Metal touches on the final mix plus some Heavy Rock references -Spiritual Beggars, Grand Mangus- delivering a Heavy As Hell, dark and inspired album including some groovy Heavy music for the Horned one! Some people may think that the band has chosen to follow this musical direction thanks to the big hype that is generated the last years over the wave of the occult Rock and Metal bands playing around. Well only the band can answer this question completely, but I if you search more carefully to their discography you would realize that their musical metamorphosis has started on 2009 and their "Pact With The Devil" EP, so for sure the musical approaching of their full length is not a rough work done in a bunch of rehearsals along with the adding of some wannabe lyrics. It was 2009 long before the big hype explosion and we are on 2013. Make the maths yourself. But to me this is not the point at all... The point is that in here we got a really inspired record having to offer high quality music with LOTS of influences. The album is recorded live and it is a fact that the band's really passionate performance gives an ultra vibe to the music, generating an explosive result. It is real difficult to select a specific song from the album as it is listened from the beginning to the end with no stop and I guess that here is the current point where I should mention that here we got a concept album. Anyway if I got to really choose some songs I would start with the great acoustic "Come Rise" interlude, the "Evil Man" and "Pact With The devil" opening tracks plus both the parts of "The Promised Land" tune. The production which is loud, fucking heavy and clear does justice to the music. The front cover matches the album's dark concept, and the overall package both on CD and vinyl is fantastic. What else are you asking for a release in order to grab it at no time at all? Come on, offer yourself some dark and inspired music. You deserve it! For the glory of the Horned one!