Klage - Die Weihe des Eises - eine Großweise Digi-MCD

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“Die Weihe des Eises” created by using varying standards from formulaic to experimental. I suppose the fine instrumentation, aside from the drums, by using variation, instead of those typical double bass blasts, corresponds with the lyrics, which apparently consist of abstract and philosophical themes. These ideas mirror the general sound that Klage displays throughout. The bands only member likes to throw the listener off by experimenting with vocals (though they’re usually rasps, he does use chanted clean vocals and rare screams) and other elements that really confuse, yet pleasantly surprise me all at the same time. In conclusion, Klage offer a relentless and misanthropic vision of Black Metal. Incredibly minimalistic and cold in its approach, Klage may sound like your typical act, but Klage has something special to offer, a certain edge about the music. A deep and dark core can be found behind the music. Simplistic, uncompromising and very atmospheric. (24:42 Min.).