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Beschreibung = 4/5 Points: For my first HPP as part of The Metal Review, I was given the task of reviewing Frozen Ocean?s new album, titled The Dyson Swarm. This latest release is unlike any music that I have heard before; it is vastly experimental, and vastly unique. It has been incredibly enjoyable and liberating to listen to. It is also written and performed by a Russian man named Vaarwel, who has also handled all of the previous duties in past Frozen Ocean releases. The music within this album is truly epic and wondrous; which is fitting, considering that The Dyson Swarm is devoted to space and the place of humanity in it. Within this album, there seems to have been an emphasis on making each track sound as massive as possible. Alongside this, there are no dedicated shred solos, or trivial flashy sections of aural rambunctiousness; Vaarwel appears to have been aiming for quality instead of quantity. This record is a solid, luminous and hypnotic effort, truly fitting of a record that ponders our place in the universe. In the opening track, ?Syzygy?, there is just over of 5 minutes of instrumental layering. First, guitar harmonics, and inserted samples that resemble the wilderness, or open space; next, layers and layers of synth, pad and melodic inserts that gives the listener more and more to be taken in by with each repetition of that original theme. The vocals are powerful, jarring, and fierce. Track #2 ?CE-4? features high shrieking vocals, whereas track #6 ?The Dyson Swarm? features low growls. Both pulsate through the mix and add that extra necessary texture to the tracks. What is interesting is that (in this record) the vocals are often mixed to blend in with the rest of the song. This takes the focus off of one aspect of the recording, and allows the listener to more easily take in each piece as a whole. The one exception to this is within ?The Dyson Swarm?, where there is a mesmerizing vocal line that stands alone. However it is gradually joined by guitars and drums; and it fades out until there is silence, thus snapping the listener out of their trance. Current fans of Frozen Ocean?s material have a fantastic release to sink their teeth into. For those that are new to Vaarwel?s work, fear not; this is indeed a well written, well performed dedication to space, and the place of humanity in it. (Logan Ellis)