Forefather - The Fighting Man CD

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Hailed by many as their best release, "The fighting man" set the trademark hymnic and melodic style Forefather is known for. The strongest elements of the original Forefather sound have been used to wondrous effect on "The fighting man". The album pioneered with its well written compositions. This time around, the songs are mightier, more melodious and more contrasting than before, alternating between fast, energetic riffs with lots of catchy folk melodies and mid-tempo atmospheric black metal. The mid-paced "The call to arms" stands alongside the raw, hyper-fast anthem that is "The last battle", whilst the epic "The paths of yesterdays" combines both these elements together with clean vocals almost sounding chanted at times to a very dynamic whole. No track is wihout a memorable tune, as "The fighting man", "For these shores" and "Together they stood" all proove. Just as our "Deep into time" reissue, this CD edition comes with a bonus track. This time it's "The Lady's Gift", originally written entirely by Forefather as a song for Folkearth.